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Proper dental care is an important part of your pet's health

We use a natural zinc complex product for your pet. Your pet will have fresh breath in 30 seconds. Proper dental care can add years to your pet's life expectancy.

 •  Helps prevent heart, liver and kidney disease

 •  Decreases oral infections

 •  Reduces plaque and tarter, and prevents bad breath

 •  100% money back guarantee

Make sure your furry friend looks and feels their best!



Dental care not only keeps your pet's breath clean and fresh, and their teeth pearly white, but it is also an important part of their overall health. Combine dental health with our cat grooming or dog grooming and your pet will leave feeling clean and refreshed.

After: Dog's mouth showing clean, healthy teeth after using PlaqClnz.

Get one-on-one attention for your pet in a cage-free environment. Call now.

Choices for pet dental health at home

No brushing necessary. Just spray mouth once or twice daily.

Dog having teeth brushed Dog having teeth checked

No Brushing needed

no sign cropped5 teeth11 teeth12

Before: Dog's mouth showing plaque buildup.