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Keep your cat's fur clean to reduce shedding

Trimming your cat’s claws and keeping their fur clean is essential to keeping them healthy. We offer services as well as techniques and tools for you to use at home on your feline friend. Get their teeth cleaned while they're here, and they'll leave feeling brand-new.

 •  We offer personalized services  

 •  Extra TLC ensures your pet is comfortable

 •  Dental care for your cat will help improve overall health

Special care for your furry friend

At Smiley's Pet Groomin, we never use cages or tranquilizers. We will treat your cat like they are part of our family. Specializing in pets that are hard to handle, we ensure that your cat is treated with extra TLC and plenty of one-on-one attention.

Healthy habits keep pets happy

Are you having a problem with your cat shedding? Call us today for an appointment.

Extra TLC keeps pets calm

Get tools to keep your pet clean

40 years of experience you can trust

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