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Save money and learn a new skill

If you need to cut down on some of your expenses but don't want your dog to suffer for it, there is a solution. Enroll in one of our basic dog grooming classes and keep your beloved pet properly groomed year-round without the cost:

 •  Each class is six weeks

 •  No more than three students are in each class so you will

    get the attention you deserve

 •  Conveniently located at our shop

 • More advanced classes are available

Basic Skills training

You will get to groom five different breeds of dogs so you can try out different styles and techniques, and will also learn the proper bathing, brushing, and handling techniques you will need to be successful. Your instructor will help advise you on what grooming equipment would work best for your pet as well.


Enjoy a deeper connection with your pet by enrolling today.



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Handling Techniques