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Goldendoodle puppies to add to your family

If you're looking for a designer breed with a wonderful temperament, the Goldendoodle will make the perfect addition to your home. Your puppy will have the gentleness and sweetness of a Golden Retriever and the intelligence and no-shed coat of a Standard Poodle. These puppies have a stunning coat, and play well with children and other dogs.

 •  Home-raised

 •  Well socialized

 •  Up-to-date on shots

You can take a great pet home today!

We breed these dogs because we have a love for the breed. Our puppies receive their shots and are thoroughly groomed before they leave to join their family. Paper-trained and intelligent, they are great additions to any home.

Up-to-date shots

Looking for a new puppy to join your family? Call now.

Paper trained



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